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Air Conditioning Repair West Palm Beach

Air conditioning repair West Palm Beach services give homeowners and commercial property owners peace of mind. When there is a problem, they have someone to call. Many times we don’t give a second thought about our AC units until they aren’t working. Your AC is really important in West Palm Beach as it gets really hot here. Not having a working AC in a business can be very costly as people will not stick around. If you need to repair your AC in West Palm Beach services, you are in luck. We offer some of the very best air conditioning repair West Palm Beach services in this area. We work with both residential and commercial units of all makes and models.

Our air conditioners work similarly no matter the make and model. Because of this, we are capable of working on any type. However, residential and commercial units can vary. We have the expertise and training to work on both. Not all air conditioning repair West Palm Beach service providers can say that. Many will be either for residential or for commercial only and specialize in those areas. However, we take pride in knowing how all the different units work and operate to give our clients the very best and most affordable AC service in the area.

West Palm Beach AC Repair

Have you come home to a hot home, and the AC unit isn’t working? We have all been there at one time or another. However, there is help. Don’t sit and cook inside your home. Call for an emergency AC repair right away. We offer emergency repair services for West Palm Beach and surrounding areas. We take the time to determine what is wrong with the AC unit as well as what might have caused it. Having an AC unit quit is very unusual, and typically there is a cause that can be tracked down. Some of these reasons are blown fuses, rodent issues, or the unit being old and hasn’t been properly maintained.

While we do offer air conditioning repair West Palm Beach services, we also offer other services such as:

  • Air Conditioning Installation Services
  • Emergency Air Conditioning Repair Services
  • Air Conditioning Maintenance
  • More

If you are having a new home built and need to have an expert come out and determine the size of AC unit you might need, we can assist. We work with both businesses and homeowners to determine the type and size of AC units that will suit their space and needs. When working with a client, we will ask some basic questions such as how often you will use the unit and how long. Some people only run their AC while they are home or at their business. Others will run them 24/7. This will tell us what type of unit might work best for your situation. If you only want AC in one area, then a small window or wall unit might be a good option.

AC Repair West Palm Beach

Most people will go with a central air unit. There are other smaller options for those looking to cool smaller spaces. As more and more people move to the working from the home model, we see people turning their garden sheds into offices. These spaces are not that large and won’t require a large unit. However, you probably want something quieter than a window AC that you can pick up and any hardware. This is especially true if you will be doing zoom calls and trying to speak to people over the internet. Although effective, those window units can be pretty loud and aren’t always a great option for small spaces. We have units that we can offer that can cool these small spaces and are quieter.

Do you have a large building? Maybe a multilevel commercial building. These buildings typically will need zones and obviously larger units to cool the place. Oftentimes there is more than one unit used. To determine what would be best for your situation, we can send out a technician to go over the different options. Our technicians are very knowledgeable about the different options available out there and can help educate our clients. This will allow you to make a more informed decision. If you have a board overseeing the project, we can also offer a presentation of the options to everyone. This, again, allows you to make an educated decision on what would be best for you.

Different AC Options

Each AC unit has pros and cons. Some are more energy-efficient than others, while others cool down things faster. These are important aspects that need to be considered when looking for new units. While we offer air conditioning repair in West Palm Beach and take pride in saving our clients money on keeping their old unit, they eventually need to be retired. We will let you know when your unit is old, or there is too much damage to the unit. Storms and other events could cause damage to the unit, physically rendering it unfixable. When that happens, you might be able to put a claim in on your homeowner’s insurance.

What to look for when looking for an AC repair company

When looking for an air conditioning repair West Palm Beach company, you need to look for someone you trust. While there are many AC companies in West Palm Beach, not all of them are the same. Be sure that you find a company that is comfortable servicing your unit. Ask questions and decide on your own if you feel comfortable with that particular company. Also, take your time and look up the company’s online reputation. This can help you see what others have thought about the company and its services. This will give you a good indication if they are a good fit for your needs.

We take pride in our reputation as an air conditioning repair West Palm Beach company, and it shows. Call today, and let’s get you scheduled right away.